Monday, July 16, 2007

The Naked Truth: iPhone, and why the sidekick sh*ts on it

the culprit: iPhone by AT&T wireless. FIRST of all let me start by saying that AT&T/Cingular or whatever needs to choose an effin name before i blow them up. SECONDLY, the iPhone is a piece of crap. WEll maybe i'm a hater, and i probably am, but it has so many defects, its ridiculous! You may be thinking to yourself, "it has a touch screen", but guess what, the touch screen will eventually get ur fingerprints permanantly tatted on it because of non-stop touching, and no matter how sweet it is, it doesnt work better than a normal keyboard, go figure. Being the good journalist that I am (lol). I researched the iphone, and signed up for a plan, which starts at $59.99 for 450 minutes!! What the hell am I going to do with 450 daytime minutes? In order to get my usual unlimited text messaging and internet I have to dish out an extra 40 dollars a month to AT Cingluar. Whatever. So my grand total is about 140.00 a month, plus about 500-600 dollars for the actual phone. So im paying 600 dollars for a phone that is a piece of crap, that only had free technical support for 2 years, and then you have to pay. The reason why i say that this phone is a mess, is because when u see a dumb kid with it their plan only carries about 500 minutes, and zero text messages, so in other words, they stuntin like they got money, but can't afford the plan, which is stupid. SO STOP FRONTIN!!! If your 16 years old working part time at mcdonalds you can't afford the iPHONE, DUHHHH...its merely a PROTOTYPE get that through your thick skulls!!! Plus the iPhone 2 will probably be out within the next 2 years, and your phone will officially be out of style just like the people who never upgraded to the sidekick 3...why waste your time young kids, all for the sake of being "fresh", when in actuallity you have NO MINUTES, NO TEXTS, AND PROBABLY NO SERVICE!!! its like getting the sidekick 1, who the hell even had the damn1?

verdict: a sidekick ID to get you on your feet because your dumb self is not worthy of the 2 or
3, and a promotion to assistant manager at mcdonalds (you are going to need it to pay off your outdtanding debt to cingular AT. whatever) the id can make you feel foolish for a couple days, you need the humiliation!!!

the winner: sidekick 3, by default...why? because I have one...duh


dheathjr said...

a sidekick will always be the u said cuz we have one...

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