Monday, July 16, 2007

Get off his d**k: Lil' Wayne

Weezy F. Baby aka Lil'Wayne aka The Birdman Jr. aka puts-out-a-mixtape-everyday-and-drinks-cough-syrup-while-doing-it is frankly getting on my nerves. Now i love Weezy just as much as the next person, his delivery is fire, his freestyle is decent, and he can make a punch line out of anything. But what's with all the hype? We have been promised a Carter III and instead are blessed with mixtape after mixtape, but the thing that really gets my gears about Mr. Baby is that he keeps saying that he is the best!!! WTF? The best? Complete and TOTAL HIP HOP BLASPHEME!!!! I am a Jay fan through and through and I get down with the lyrical genious which is Nas, but to say that Lil'Wayne is the greatest rapper alive today is ignorant. I mean come on Wayne you named you effin album The Carter, WTF? Here's what the cocky rapper said to Complex Mag

"I don’t like what he’s [Jay-Z] saying about how he had to come back because hip-hop’s dead and we need him,” Weezy told Complex. “What the fuck do you mean? If anything it’s reborn, so he’s probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note, and all of the artists were saying, ‘Yo, this is Jay’s house. He’s the best.’ Now he comes back and still thinks it’s his house. But we fucked bitches in your bed already. It’s not your house anymore and I’m better than you.“

he continued his bashing by singling out Clipse and Pharell

“I don’t see no fucking Clipse. This is a fucking legend you’re talking to right here. How many years them niggas been around? Who the fuck is Pharrell? Do you really respect him? That nigga wore BAPE and y’all thought he was weird. I wore it and y’all thought it was hot. What I gotta go in the store and say, ‘I like these colors but I can’t buy them because other rappers wore them?"

Not only is Lil' Wayne being cocky and ignorant. He doesn't even know what he's talking about. No one hates on Pharell's style, in actuality he's a bigger fashion icon than Wayne will ever be. Have you been featured on the pages of Harper's Bazzar? No. You haven't so shut ur face! And Jay..well i mean lets look at stats. Jay has been in the game since the early 90's, hes' a hip hop mogul, president of Def Jam, one of the richest black men in the world, his name alone symbolizes the growth of hip hop as a genre, a business, and empire. Now lets look at Lil' Wayne: He's the president of Cash Money, and what artist are signed to him? Oh yeah..Currency? and who else? well i can't think of any. Secondly you kissed BABY on the LIPS. This isn't the Godfather, you are not Italian, and you are not apart of any MOB!!!! Lastly, who died and made you the king of anything? You JUST STARTED making hit records, and your hits ARE NOT AS BIG AS JAYS. You are not RICH you are HOOD RICH and your assests are in BAPE hoodies and played out Ed Hardy shirts. You are a GOOD RAPPER a GREAT RAPPER, but not the best, so keep it the fuck moving...and if you wanna bring it closer to home think about Common, Talib, Rakim, Mos Def, Nas, or even new comer Lupe Fiasco! They shit on him lyrically and are deeper than BAPES, money, crack, and head-the topics that "the best rapper alive" tends to focus on. I mean Jay might not be at his best now, because Kingdom Come was a huge disappointment, but his verse against WAyne is classic in every form. Il end with a Jay quote:"men lie, women lie, numbers don't"- Jay-Z



dheathjr said...

yeah how bout Lupe Fiasco, could listen 2 that cd over & over...i mentioned lil wayne n my blog...about his mixtapes...but everybody is on weezy...i mean he is good and can rhyme on anything but it's startin 2 all run together

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