Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Check Her Style: Janelle Monae

Don't sleep on this chick, she is certified FIRE! Not only are her songs such as Violet Stars Happy (which has been on my Myspace page for about a month because I can't get enough!!!) innovative, but so is her fearless sense of style. Donned in black and white, who else do you know can pull off a first grade private school staple, Saddle Shoes! Wow!!! Her eclectic style paired with her soulful sounds can only conjure up one thought in my mind. HIT! Not your Beyonce or Rihanna, this Janelle Monae isn't a marketing strategy she is herself. Bright colors, natural hair, and funky accessories adorn her frame. Like I said don't sleep on this one mannnnnnn!
To get her look try:
Natural Hair
Saddle shoes duh
A Chanel inspired head to toe black and white outfit
Bold accessories i.e. a men's tie or glasses
Skinny black pants

-Doe Chee$e


Shanice Akilah said...

she is sooo chic
stlye is unique and funky!!
the natural def works for her
she looks like fun
people are definately sleeping on her...the media in my opinion is afraid of her style she is not "couture" or "high fashion" (which i believe is false) but them white people will never appreciate her stlye!!! (oh and violet stars happy hunting has been on my myspace page forever 2 i refuse 2 change it!!)

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