Friday, July 27, 2007

Check Her Style: Erykah Badu

Mother Earth is that you? Naw it's just Miss Badu. Head wraps, Afros, and crochet outfits, Erykah Badu is fearless when it comes to her lyrics and style. Some days she takes us back to Africa and other days she takes to the future. Either way Erykah Badu hits all the right notes when it comes to personal style. Miss Badu doesn't care what the critics think about her music or her fashion sense, because she knows she is going to make a statement. She reps her roots and has a style that no one else can duplicate, unless you take a trip to the Motherland hehe.
To get her style try:
An Afro
Hats or head wraps
Crochet outfits
Wooden and metal jewelry
The colors of Africa

-Doe Chee$e


Alicia said...

i love erykah
no matter her style

she will be performing in richmond aug 17th i think
fri at sunsets

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