Wednesday, July 2, 2008

iPhone 3G not compatible with acrylic nails!!!! the horror

Haven't we all just had enough of this blasted touch shit! How in the hell am I supposed to enjoy the wonders of touch screen with acrylics on my fingers? huh? can you answer that question APPLE? Heat sensitive touch screen? Give me a break! Am I supposed to cheat the Koreans out of their money all for the sake of looking flyer than the next bitch at the parlay? Am I really supposed to believe that the creation of the alleged "iPhone" (what the ipod is calling itself these days after it got too smart and started answering your phone calls by accident) was not racially charged?! 3G's for 199, what kind of crazy shit is that? Software installation for your PHONE? I'm confused just thinking about it. I just learned the odds and ends of MAC last year and now I'm supposed to use software on a phone? Lets go back to the days where having a blackberry was fly and having a nokia was standard...whatever happened to snake? I know you guys know what i'm talking about...that shit was mad fun, and it wasn't even color...or maybe we should all get nextel..remember the beep beep, chirp chirp, whatever you called incoming and walkie talkie...sigh all nail compatible


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