Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Star Wars....revamped?

Some of you may know this already, but for those who don’t…..I’m a huge STAR WARS fan! First movie I ever saw in life so why wouldn’t I be. I even skipped a day of school in the 11th grade to go see it…..YES IT WAS THAT SERIOUS lol Well yesterday I was on NY Times website and I read an article about George Lucas and how he plans to continue the Star Wars legacy. On August 15, Mr. Lucas plans to release the Clone Wars, an animated movie based around Star Wars. Clone Wars is basically a continuum of Star Wars’ characters and concepts featuring new places and creatures. He is also working on an animated Clone Wars series that will be on Cartoon Network. George Lucas says he has been working on this movie and series since 2002 and can’t help but continue in the path of Star Wars because it is his first love.

Ok I know I sound like a complete dork, but I am kinda apprehensive about this new venture. The Star Wars series is so epic, how could he add any more ideas in the mix. Wouldn’t that just complicate things? I mean Star Wars is already complex enough to some people. George Lucas said himself that he does not know how it will be received and would be happy if it grossed $100 million in total. I guess we will just have to what and see.

-Doe Chee$e


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