Monday, December 13, 2010


I have realized I never put pics of myself on QV so here ya go...a rare glimpse of me.
I've been feeling all black attire lately. I usually throw in a leopard platform or maybe a red lip, something to make the look more that I think about it I wore all black for my entire 10th grade year in high school lol
Anywho, these will be the last pics of me at any ones club seeing as though I am sick of that whole scene.
The whole getting spiffy for one night just to get hit on by unattractively desperate men and to wake up with a headache the size of Georgia due to over-intoxication is a tad played to me. I guess I have grown out of my club kid phase (years 16-22 is a long ass phase lol), it has all become so lame and unnecessary to me.
Family, friends, relationships are the bonds that truly matter and the little things like a really good meal or great enlightning convo or stupid frifolis convo, and time with the lovies or a lazy sunday with the bestie I get older those little things are becoming more and more important.
Good day world! Be Blessed and live life!


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