Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sean John Ladiessssssssssssss

ok ok ive been out for awhile, sue stupid dell got a virus. ANYWHO, im back in action...Word on the street is there is a new line coming straight from Diddy himself. Sean John Women's. Now dont be too closed minded peeps. His new line includes a mix of street style and high fashion with a Diddy flair of course. This line my friends is soooo far off from Baby Phat..and even though I love Kimora, Diddy does it better, since everythings not logo check it out people. The line drops in December I believe. Oh yeah, Cassie, Lauren London (ATL" Rashad wheres my soda"), and that new pussycat doll are all in tha campaign, so watch for it losers :)


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