Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kanye BEATS Curtis

WELLLLLLLLL Kanye to tha has won the battle outselling Mr. Cent's mere 691,00 copies with 925,000 copies of his CD "Graduation". Not only has he outsold 50, he put him down 40% in album sales in comparison to his last album, "The Massacre. But of course there is a loop-hole here, and by do we love those. According to Mr.Cent he will only retire as a solo artist if Kan-Yeezy's sales drop 70%..WTF? 50 is scared to bow out of the business, I guess

America sealed its soft spot for "gangsta rap" and made room for "hip hop". The World May Never Know. So good morning to Kanye and good night to Curtis...(corny i kno, i just had to do it)


dheathjr said...

i knew this would be the outcome

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