Monday, September 3, 2007

VH1: Celebreality

Well, im addicted, you can't tell me your not..First of all, we have Rock of Love, the show where Bret Michaels chooses a tramp for his one "true love" (gotta love those girls), then we have The Pick Up Artist, where dorks are trained to "pick up" women, the show is mad sweet, and Mystery knows what he's doing, that shit really works! Then of course there is "Mission: Man Band", which we all know whose chances of making a hit album is as scarce as Diddy making a stable band..and of course last but not least (drumroll please) I Love New York 2, which comes out later on this fall! I can't get enough of Tiffany, she goes so sick, and the show is toooo funny. VH1 is definitely on it...give them their props and up their ratings!


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