Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Cool Has Come

Ok i hate listening to albums before I buy them, but Lupe too good, Lupe too good! The Cool, Lupe's sophomore album is the fu**in truth, if your looking for truth you can find it in this album, it is the shit! My mans found this article that basically explains what The Cool "is" (click on "The Cool" to read the MOST IMPORTANT article). My poetry homegirl is back, Iesha--she makes the album that much hotter. Check out "Paris/Toyko", "The Coolest" (my shit), "Little Weapon", "Gotta Eat", "Hello Goodbye", "The Die", and of course "Dumb it Down", basically the entire CD is FIRE! On that note I leave, but it is essential that you read what is written in the note in order to understand the REAL message behind click on the link!

oh and since im so nice, you can listen to The Cool on our page (underneath "the playlist movement") Now what do you say? "Thank you queenie v!".."o your welcome, queenie love the kids!"


dheathjr said...

oh yes...lupe is the truth...u know i copped it yesterday as i hope u did...Paris, Tokyo is the favorite

matt williams said...

Streets are on fire is my fav song from the albulm. YOu have a very nice blog by the way.

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