Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mayweather vs. Hatton

If you have been watching the HBO 24/7's like I have you want to know who won the fight? Mayweather! My man...Anyway he knocked out Hatton in the tenth round, which is a pretty good fight if you ask me. Mayweather basically single handedly knocked out an entire nation (Yeah USA!). Although Mayweather did in fact win, Hatton did give him a run for hims money. Hatton's quick moves were great competition, but Mayweather was too accurate to miss. After the big knockout Hatton picked up the microphone and said to the crowd "Sorry Everbody". (Awwwww).


Jourdy said...

Yes! Yeeeessss!!
Go Mayweather...T.K.O

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