Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wood...For Your Face

If your like me and can not wear sunglasses because your eyesight is ridiculously bad, you put shades in high regard. I can honestly say that sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories just because I can't wear them. Well I came across these new ones that are eco-friendly, unique, as well as amazingly retro. They are called iWood (think new-age wood or something...). Each iWood pair of glasses or sunglasses is equip with adjustable temples, 100% UVA/UVB protection, hypoallergenic metals, and can be fitted with any prescription lens. All iWood frames are made with our happy semi-healthy environment in mind, so if your secretly a tree hugger, these are for you! iWood also makes wooden jewelery, which is a little to "Erykah Badu" for me, but if it tickles your fancy check it out. Sunglasses prices range from about $350.00- $430.00 (plus shipping and handling of course, this IS America).


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