Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ok kiddies we all know the elections are coming up in 2008. I know this is a "fun" site, but its important that you vote. You may be saying, "my vote doesn't matter", but in actuality 4 million youth voted in last election, majority of them voting democrat, the most one sided vote in history, atypical of the usual split decision in youth voting. Although John Kerry lost the election, youth voters made an impact, and with more, who knows what we can do! So research the candidates, democrat or republican, look at the issues, focus on what you care about, abortion, same sex marraiges, Iraq, education, and even college affordability. Its all there, all you have to do is read or listen a little (if you have youtube) and make a well thought out decision. So go to http://www.rockthevote.com/ to register to vote today!!! (you can even get a cool tee shirt, and boy do us "teens" love those!)


The Fire That Is: Finding Forever by Common

Common's new LP Finding Forever is a soulful, smooth, and all around beautiful work of art. This album shows us that there is more to hip hop than flashiness and songs that have there own dance. Finding Forever features productions by Kanye West, lyrics that make you think, and soulful delivers from Bilal, D'angelo, and Will.iam. Did I mention that Lilly Allen is also on this LP in the song "Driving Me Wild!" Common's new album is a story of love, spirituality, and finding your existence. Finding Forever will inspire you and maybe even change your perception of the world. O and it helps that this is a beautiful man geeeez! hahaha

-Doe Chee$e

Word On the Street: Gwen Stefani to Start a Mag

Reportedly Gwen Stefani is in the works with Jane Pratt, the founder of Jane magazine. After the mag folded, rumors began to fly that the style icon and Pratt were in talks to develop a magazine that would cater to the 18 to 25 crowd. I am excited and can't wait to read it, if it comes out hehe.

- Doe Chee$e

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