Friday, August 3, 2007

PREGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicole Richie Edition


Soooooooooo basically this bitch is expecting a "baby" to pop out of her supposed "vagina" in about "nine months"...O>K> (wink wink, watever u say nicole)
I thought once u dropped under 90 pounds ur period stopped coming....
and for some reason her dad, lionel, yeah the black guy with the jerri not taking us seriously that shes pregnant because "she hasnt called and told him yet", I guess being on the cover of People wasn't enough for him..
A lifetime supply of Big Macs and a website address to a nice adoption agency for the crack baby...crack has to be keeping her ovaries from dying, or cocaine rather....anorexia is a bitch
2/5 dueces...see ya nikki!!!


Rih-Rih from around the way makes um-ber-ellas now...WTF?

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