Monday, September 10, 2007


So I KNOW everyone watched the VMA's last night. I think it may have had the potential to compete in "the worst awards show EVER competition" with BET! First off lets start with Britt Britt...First of all homegirl had the worst weave I've ever seen in my entire life! The blondes didn't match and you could CLEARLY see her short hair. What she should have done was just worn the shit short, it probably would have been hotness, but instead she mad herself look higher than she already may have been. Secondly her performance...WELL personally I think the song is fire, Britt Britt spits hotness every time she steps in the studio, but her performance lacked energy, she looked like she was thinking about crack the entire time! WTF Britt? WTF? And lest I forget the lip singing that was not in sync!!! I am not one to talk about people's bodies, but WHY in God's name did they put her in a black tight ass bikini with flubber hanging all about? A hot ass mess!

Enough about Miss. Britt, let's talk about Lil' Mama and Beyonce and how hideous they looked! Miss B, whose always fierce, decided to wear this golden tapestry and disquise it as a dress (not a good look), and Lil' Mama well she decided that the VMA's were a costume parlay (party) and came as an alien baby from Mars who enclosed herself in aluminum foil all while maintaining the suction on her pacifier..WTF?

Lets not forget about the fight between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee all over Pam An! She is beautiful and all that jazz (the epitomy of what Bret Michaels is attempting to find on Rock of Love), but come on rockstars, its an awards show! Of course the rappers were happy that the fight didn't happen between them...we don't want a repeat of the Source awards from way way back in the day.

Enough about the drama! The parties that were in the suites seemed like they were mos def poppin. Oh and need I forget the hot ass collabo between Weezy, Gym Class Heros, and Fall Out Boy!!! The best EVER! The stars at the VMA's knew how to party like rockstars...even Kanye's party was the shit, everyone was decked out in faux Jeremy Scotts (mad sweet). God bless MTV!!! lmao

Twin Towers.."the college dropout" vs. Mr.Cent ((UPDATE))

Well tomorrow marks September 11th...the anniversary of one of the U.S.A's most tragic...tragedies...(moment of silence)...but of course we're not worried about that, we're worried about whose gonna sell more, 50 or Kanye, Oh America, we soooo have our priorities straight (as if) lmao. I still have my money on Mr. Cent, i hate to admit that he may pertain to a larger demographic than Jeremy Scott sunglass wearin' Mr. West (of whom I am a huge huge fan..and whose CD I WILL be BUYING and NOT listening to on YOUTUBE!!). All we can do America is wait on the results.

All this hubub makes me wonder why they picked that date in the first place..I mean why not Valentines Day or New Years, not the anniversary of a tragedy....o well, we are sooo feeding into the hype...i can't even lie, I like the hype, and you probably do too.

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