Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To All You Glamour Chicks

Glamour Chicks

Rock a caked up face everyday

Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, foundation, and even sometimes blush! This is your morning routine

With long tracks down your back and a fake Fendi bag in your clutch, you think you are the shit

Your four inch stilettos clinker across the cobble stone bricks that lace the ground as you walk to class and you wouldn’t dare wear sneakers! Ewww

With your nose high in the air and breast hoisted up in your push up bra, the world can’t tell you nothing

You look down on those who don’t abide by your glamorous ways and can’t imagine life without the finer things

Jeans and t-shirts, you would never think of wearing such things!

Chink store jewelry and sneakers….so yesterday

First class all the way because you think you are a star

Hollywood here you come and you would give anything to be Beyonce

The boys have to notice you because if they don’t your day will be ruined and your glamorous goals incomplete

Don’t forget to make a scene and steal the show, for that is why you go through the trouble of looking so good everyday

Money and beauty is what makes your world go ‘round, forget knowledge and smarts

What good is a book, when you can buy the latest issue of Teen Vogue

You bouji bitches, but go and do you miss!

Once wanted to be like you, but I thought I’d take a different route

This is dedicated to all you Glamour chicks who look at me crazy everyday as I walk to class

- Doe Chee$e

WTF! Lil Wayne

Oooo weeee! Lil Wayne has no swagger what so ever in this mugshot. Is it me or are is eyes red? Lack of sleep or is he high? Ummmmmmm.......hehe

-Doe Chee$e

Kanye and Alexis

Move over Jay and B, Kelis and Nas, there is a new ultra chic couple in the hip hop game. Kanye West and his fiance Alexis are very stylish....she balances out his quirky attire with her chicness. I think its a good look.
-Doe Chee$e

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