Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Barbie by Patricia Field

As a little girl all I did was worry about my all red nikes and little jean jacket while carrying around a shitload of Dr. Suess books, I had no time for Barbie lol. However my younger cousin made me play with the wretched things and I took a liking to them. If I remember correctly I fell in love with the really fancy ones that you kept in the box, but playing with them 24/7 was a huge NO-all I wanted was to make their clothes lifesize! (In hindsight Barbie had to be a cokewhore because her body was so perfect and she never ate!) Patricia Field has re-created the Barbie glam (minus the coke lol) by making an entire line dedicated to the glory of the perfect DD breasted doll. Now we can all take the spirit of Matel's plastic goddess everywhere we go! The line includes an array of shirts, tight ass dresses, hoodies, jewlery, and purses. She basically hooded Barbie up with the jewlery, giving her name earings and a necklace, how sweet is that? Get your Barbie hookup at http://www.patriciafield.com/ . Sorry fellas, maybe she'll make something for penis-less Ken next season. lol.


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