Monday, April 21, 2008


bear with is almost over
niggas is on their academic grind

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

...Essentially the Perfect 10

If you haven't heard of DimePiece by now you are probably legally favorite shirt happens to be of their design, the shirt boasts, "i've had plenty of dates since i put on 10 pounds", an empowering phrase for the naturally beautiful dime! These ladies make cute comfy, practical clothes that accentuate the impeccable, polished, aura of every dime that has existed...ever! So hop on board if you haven't already..I'm surprised i haven't written about them previously...o well! Take a look at their latest fashion shoot, enjoy dimeys!

The Godzilla Chronicles

and my nigga G5 got that new mixtape son! The Godzilla Chronicles...

click for his myspace...

of course i like all the songs, but Clientele Girlz is my shit...o and its featuring Arafat Yates, sooo hit that up...or is it Henny N' Coke, you know black people love henny n' hit that shit up...o and Contra de Nicaragua..i like that one hit that shit up son...just HIT THAT SHIT UP, cuz everyone loves to love

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