Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Neck, My Back--a hip hop classic?

Attack of the female MC's!!!!! run for your lives! Lawd knows I love a good cat fight and a good female MC. And even though I'm a die hard Lil' Kim fan, I am officially on Khia...she is too much! I gotta love it and so should you. So first of all if anyone watches Miss Rap Supreme, which you should, you already know that Khia got eliminated for basically plagiarizing herself. When I was watching the show I was really appalled to see an already "established" artist on it (if you can call "my neck, my,back" established)...but if it was for publicity she definitely got it, because now I'm all ears. She had a outward beef with Janet, aka the queen of everything, Jackie-O, Deelishis (from Flava of Love), Trina, and the entire cast of Miss Rap Supreme. She even got a song with Trina's ex Lil' Wayne...gotta hear that right? O this bish goes hard? lmao...but aint nobody tryna go DeathRow though? aint nobody tryna go east coast west coast though? no?....good...so here's the distrack...lmao

i would post trina and jackie-o's comebacks,but i feel as though they fell short cuz Khia's ish is definitely funnier than theres...and you can youtube her too, which shouldn't be a surprise because you can youtube just about anything these days (i'm probably on youtube and I don't even know it. Watch as she rambles on and on...AND ON in her hard core southern accent about how "my neck, my back" reached millions of people, cured AIDS, found the solution to homelessness and world hunger, and of course stopped global warming AND how her label Nasti Music (or something like that) has discovered the answer to world peace and arrested osama bin laden...more on Khia and her struggle to save mankind later...hee hee hee hee...and in reference to that picture, if her stomach is really that flat I should jump off of a cliff..there you have it, Khia ladies and gents!


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