Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the truth shall set u free

these are my truths...shit i used to lie to myself about, but have now come to face reality

vogue, harpers, and all those other rags are boring and i use the pictures as wallpaper...

50 dollars is a lot of fucking money

looking good for cheap feels better than looking good for an expensive price

hip hop aint dead

Lil' Wayne lyrically least now

it is ok to wear bamboo earrings with everything

fashion is really really boring...just buy shit u like

i like soldja boy and erykah badu at the same time

if i cant understand what you're talking about, then you're just being extra, overly deep

lame leggings still fucking suck

i hate mariah carey

the 80s is not back....

i dont like ice cream too much

ashay ashay


kiki said...

1. I do the same thing

2. $50 could last me a week

3. looking good in something that cost an arm and a leg ,and you find it at a cheap price or something simular makes you feel good

4. Hip Hop never will die

5. lil wayne sucks

6. I don't own bamboo earrings (so i created my version of my broken ones) :(

7.soulja boy and erykah badu ?

8.i totally agree on that

9. mariah carey sucks

10. when did it come back? because no one told me

11. me too

sorry for the long post :)

kimmie e said...

yea soulja boy and badu
i yule
and sing yeyo yeyo...


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