Monday, June 30, 2008

The Age Old Battle : Sneakers vs. Stilettos

The Age Old Battle: Stilettos vs. Sneakers

Glamour, the illusion of mile long legs, and pure sex appeal are all things that come to mind when you throw on a pair of pumps.
Comfort, freshness, and practicality are what a pair of sneakers offer to a modern day woman.
But which one is better?

This battle has raged on for a while now. I know chicks that refuse to wear sneakers and only rock heels. But on the flip side I also know many females that don’t wear pumps and can’t even walk in them. Many woman say sneakers make your feet look too large and can’t be worn everyday, but doesn’t that argument also fit pumps. I damn sure couldn’t wear a pair of heels everyday or for long periods of time.

Heels make your walk meaner and your body more viscous, plus boys like them ( but who really cares what they like lol). But a pair of sneakers with the right outfit can be just as viscous, plus I know some sneakerheads that love a girl in some J's on a pair of Dunks. Sneakers are more of a collectors item, they are like rare gems when you get the right ones, you can go to the club and see hella girls with the same stilettos as you.

But its all in what that particular female prefers I guess or you can just like both, like me lol.


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