Saturday, June 21, 2008

Check Her Style: Miss Jack Davey

Miss Jack Davey is one half of the group J Davey, a unique and funky band. Not only is there music fun and interesting, but her style is ridiculous. She is a free spirit at heart and her style reflects that kind of thinking. She wears lots of colors and patterns, and her lash game is sick. Miss Jack Davey's hair is all its own and I have never seen anything like it. She kinda reminds of Miss Badu. I love J davey's music and this chicks style. I love when people bring something new to the table and that is just what Miss Jack Davey does.
You can check more of her style and J Davey out at
Keep doing ya thing miss.
-Doe Chee$e


dheathjr said...

i hope ur not jus findin out about her

Anonymous said...

Nope just finally got around to featuring her on QV

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