Monday, July 21, 2008

Drake Brings in the NOISE

I so stole this info from, HOWEVER I wanted to expand on their already perfect "put on" of Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi, AKA "Drake"-the new r&b sensation/rapper. So I did initially doubt him, but he is actually quite good. His flows are adequate, a lot better than Plies or Shawty Lo actually I think he's worthy of "good"...damn he's actually good. Voice fits well on the tracks, he has a semi-original delivery, and he even sings, uses a synthesizer, and has this song with Robin Thicke called "Teach You a Lesson". The best part about this whole thing is that he ALSO has a song with Weezy-and you know if you put him on the track you are automatically SWEET (jk). Listen to this shit..IM SO FOR SERIOUS...listen, TRUST KIMMIE E-you know i know whats hot...;p (i used his baby picture because i thought it was intriguing, and he was a really cute kid :)

o and make sure you listen to "going in for life"...o and "where to now"...both r fire, like real hip hop type shit...just trust me!!!! I'm even thinking about putting one of these on my myspace!

Drake-Teach U A Lesson Remix - Drake ft. Robin Thicke

Where To Now - Drake

Replacement Girl-Drake - ft. Trey Songz

Going In For Life - Drake


dheathjr said...

real nice. real nice.
a cd maybe?

KidKurb said...

Heard a while back... happy to see someone else that feels the same way.

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