Wednesday, July 16, 2008

its a new era right now? but i thought that song came out in 1986

Bashing is way overdue. I feel as though I haven't "hated" on people in a long time and seeing as though all of us at Queenie Valentine are a "hater family" (thank you Dr. West) I figured that I would do my duty and HATE on something wretched. I know you've heard of The Retro Kids, if you haven't, you have now. Anyway they're these kids who wear retro clothes from the 80's ALL DAY EVERYDAY...dope right? Wellllll depends on who you ask....However I am not hating on the style, but the music. The new single, "New Era", is like ugh...ahhhhh...bad taste in my mouth like shit. Whether they choose to believe it or not, the 80's is OVER, music has changed and so has fashion, technology, television, radio...I want to say that the track is inspired by 80's music, but I feel as though the track is the 80's and I'm sorry Retro Kids, you can't bring back a decade that's over! I believe that this is a trend and unless the world is ending in the next year or two the Retro Kids will be a distant memory, we will all look back over their myspace pages and say "aww that was cute, but moving on into the new millennium..."

give it a listen, if you don't hate it...maybe you need an extra 6 months to get the 80s out of your system...o and i gave you a 30 second play...its unbearable, so trust me...sorry kids, its all love over here, but hip hop isn't to be played with, not everyone can fuck with my wife, so stick to reality tv and cartoons and clothing lines and shit..lmfao
New Era (Clean) - Retro Kidz


Gallardo Bastardo said...

Man, I've been saying the Retro Kidz are losers for like a few months. I hate people that are trying to bring the 80's back. It's cool for the Cool Kids. They're not actually trying to bring it back, that's just where their style is from and they do a good job with the music. I hope every single one of the Retro Kidz ends up paralyzed so we don't have to see them and their unoriginality anymore. And stop calling yourself a hater. Hating something that fucking sucks isn't hating.

kimmie e said...

i mean hate is hate

and i dont want to paralyze them lol

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