Tuesday, August 19, 2008

JAy disses Soulja (battle of the millenium) haha

Jay dissed Soulja Boy and DeShawn Stevenson...aha

DeShawn apparently stated that LeBron James is "overrated" (yeaaaaaa right, what crack is he smoking?). LeBron said that responding to this "comment" would be like Jay Z making a diss track about Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy showed up at a Wizards game talkin ish like "he's better than Jay Z." (whoa whoa whoa whoa..hold the phone! I was a supporter for ur little ass and then you go and dis my mans? not cool, not cool one bit!)

The song is entitled "Blow the Whistle"(you know that Too Short beat that kinda sucked, but kinda didn't lol). Listen HERE

I don't think Jay should have wrote this, its not good, just funny cuz he's doing battle with a 16 year old who makes beats for Bow Wow.

Soulja you've lost me son...i think i might have been your only fan over 18..damn


Gallardo Bastardo said...

Yo, you late because this is a few months old, but I forgive you. Yeah, afterwards Soulja Boy said it was "great to be acknowledged by a legend like Jay", instead of saying "HE'S OLD AS FFFFFUCK!". Soulja Boy came to a Wizards game in a Deshawn Stevenson jersey and the Wizards won. Lame.

kimmie e said...

U forgive us?
How nice of u?

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