Tuesday, September 23, 2008


People's Best Dressed List of 2008

Check out the best dressed for 2008. People never steers us wrong, they know what's good. Our girl Rih Rih made it in the number 2 spot, second to Kate Hudson who just shits on everybody. Thank god for stylists right? right. On second thought maybe people should make a best PERSONAL STYLE THAT YOU COME UP WITH YOURSELF list. Almost everyone on here dresses similar except for Sarah Jessica Parker, but she's almost completely influenced by Patricia Field....hmmm celebrities today, can't do anything themselves.


dheathjr said...

did we ever doubt rhi?

CHARLIZE THERON, oughta be number 3....opppsed 2 like 8 or 9.

sarah jessica parker (notice the lower-case letters) was like number 78...sorry.

n i guess Victoria Beckham died, she better have since she wasn't on there...

thats all.

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