Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas and the queen

i am so confused as to what to do after classes are over. work? sleep? read? boo love with my nonexistant boo? who knows!? you know how they always say, "home is where the heart is", well "they" are absolutely right. I need to go home in order to feel the christmas spirit because in Richmond I feel spirituallly dead. ever notice how christmas gets less and less exciting as the years go by? One minute your writing down your christmas list like its the new constitution, editing and re-editing, and they next you're off to college with no christmas and no presents! wats up with that? should christmas stop at a certain age? is that logical? isnt the christmas spirit supposed to be carried on through each year of your life? why can't the spirit exist without the buying of presents? our society has commercialized holidays so much to the point that in order to feel something during the hollidays you need to be buying a cheap gift. sometimes i sit back and think about the summer time and how good it is to be in a season that has no major hollidays that require more than attendance at a cookout. shit gets real complex in the winter time. you have school, thanksgiving AND christmas, bad holliday movies, cheesy holliday music, and an intense need to be nestled under a fire with someone you "love". i gotta get out of richmond and find the true meaning of christmas and then ima have to travel again and "find" the meaning of new years in a bottle of smirnof (lol). whatever kind of feelings you have toward the holliday season be sure to make them your own, go to church, have a toast, give a gift, smoke a l...anything will do, just get your spirit back! ashe lol


dheathjr said...

the spirit of the holidays are at home.
college is cold.
i am still laughing at the boo loving with the non-exsistant boo. (for the surface meaning)

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