Tuesday, December 9, 2008

so its late

so im really hungry and its 5 AM and im trying to decide if i should eat or sleep
eat or sleep...hmmm
im trying not to eat after 12, but Croaker's Spot is callin my name..
o yea croaker's spot is a richmond restaurant located n the historical jackson ward (google it)
the fish is bangin
the cornbread is bangin
the potatoes and the cabbage...also bangin
and i have leftovers
hell yea...im eatin it, ive just decided lol...
so i think u all know im a theatre performance major at virginia commonwealth university
we're like the top public school for theatre
and i kinda like landed the role of a century
Roxie Hart in Chicago...
yea im black and have no hair and i landed that role on the mainstage
its groundbreaking and im in shock
maybe u dont care, but i just thought id let u know lol
so ima eat this fish (no homo)
murry chrismus
n shit...
(can i say that?)


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