Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the coolest nigga wat?

Kanye West Flashing Lights video...hmmmm..mmmmm...well I don't know how long this wretched piece of nothingness has been out, but i absolutely hate it. It doesn't go with the song and it's pretty gruesome, I was so creeped out. I mean I felt that Kanye was just trying to be deep for no reason. Maybe it will be like a series of videos, like R.Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet", or maybe he's trying to make a movie, or maybe he's been smoking crack with Lil' Wayne (excuse me snorting COKE with Lil' Wayne)...the world will never know. Just watch this shit and if you like it cool, but if you don't you'll be left with a reaction of "wtf". In the words of Clive Grant, "He's goin' crazy, geniouses always do". It's like an artist who doesn't have any art left so they just do some crazy shit like run the New York Marathon with a mowhawk or make endless reality TV shows about making bands and making the contestants walk across all the burroughs to get him cheesecake, yaknowatimsayin? On the other hand maybe it was too artsy for me to understand, but I doubt it, we're pretty deep over here...and if I have a revelation in mid-sleep, I'll just change my opinion-this isn't written in stone, only on the computer lol. I guess Lupe is our only hope, and he was number 1 on 106 & Park today, and we all know what that potentially does to peoeple. In conclusion, don't kill yourself in a video unless your retiring and plan on ressurecting, kinda like Hov, or if your predicting your own death like Biggie...that's always interesting, but you really have to die after that and I don't think that should be in Kanye's life plan...anyways watch this ish and leave me ur thoughts...

Today's Hotness

Janelle Monae
I love her look!

Lauren London
Her jacket is hella fab

Erykah Badu
I love this chick!

Dita Von Teese & Victoria B.

Lily Allen

Her shoes are fire!

New Look For Queenie...


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