Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Simple Living

Ok, so maybe i did steal this picture from another blog? Who cares, no one reads this one... So I found this to be very very interesting. We all know about the problem in Darfur and how tree-huggers, anti-war, anti-bush, and every celebrity alive today is so INTO the Darfur thing, right? right. If you look at the picture you can clearly see the statement being made, unless you're just too litteral to function.

So as a result of this moving statement, Louis Vuitton is suing the artist, Nadia Plesner...hmmmm...I wonder why? Is it because we as Americans take material items way too seriously when there is a effin problem for humanity going on in another country?

For the record the LV bag is clearly why even sue? dumbness if u ask get the poster or the shirt go to that shit!

im back bitches...

Now i don't know about the rest of the crew ( i.e. dom and clive), but Kimmie E is back at Queenie V. I apologize for the hiatus. This semester has been a trying one, i watched while my friends filled themselves up with dosages of adderall, memory pills, big red gum, and starbucks iced coffee. I was there when the library decided when it was going to stay open for unheard of amounts of time and when the dorms assumed that everyone was O.K. with being silent for an entire week. I was even there when the cafeteria decided that it would give out free ihop tasting breakfast all night long--for FREE! O the beauties of collegiate life! Since I've been away, Facebook has developed a chatting system, Obama is behind Hilary, the ice caps have continued to melt, and the city officials in the fair city of Richmond have told us not to drink the water from the! All of this creates the perfect set up for summer!

My summer began yesterday at around 9:50 a.m. (after my last exam). I of course began the summer "break" with a long ass nap, a big healthy helping of 4 cheese nachos at Qdoba, and then proceeded to aide in my suicide by dancing non-stop for about 6 hours for around the same pay an Indian child makes working in a Nike sweatshop. O Glorious summer "BREAK"! Besides summer not really being a break anymore, there are a few highlights....

1. NO MORE FRESHMEN..all the freshies go back home to their mommies and daddies and its great. For some reason the entire freshman race (give or take a few) seems to annoy the shit out of me. They are soooo extra? yes extra! and now their all moving out of their little freshman dormitories and packing all their little freshman shit in their little freshman cars. I can't believe I was ever least next year they'll be sophomores and I'll be able to befriend them. lmfao

2. Money is the shit. It is. You can't tell me any different. In the beginning God created the seasons, and within the initial 3 seasons he inserted a 4th, and named it summer- a time where niggas can sweat their asses off and can get a chance to explore the glories of gaining the almighty dollar! All summer "BREAK" is, is a time to get a mova effin job sons and get ya cake up, and don't spend it all on one weed man!

Damn, summer only has two highlights..HA! If you have any additions comment and add them on, but I know you won't cuz none of yal biotches comment! lmfao rofl lol brb ttyl ttfn..heehee

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