Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good N' Bad Hair

Last night in my drunkeness I had the strange revelation to let my hair grow natural. Hmmm? There was this girl there, I forgot her name, but i just loved the way her hair just was straightly poofed-yes i've coined a new phrase- maybe it was me being drunk, or maybe deep down somewhere inside this semi-petite light skin body of mine, i really want to be one of those curly headed, i-dont-give-a-fudge-about-anything-but-my-culture-divas...and maybe i am making a stereotype, but hey, I admire the hunnies. As a black female, a black light skin female (in which i am very proud to be) I have always been associated with the light skin/long hair complex bullshit, which is one of the reasons why I chopped all my shit off, to escape the dumbness surrounding black beauty--shit im still beautiful, hair long or short. This all got me to thinking-short and long hair, kinky and straight, good and on and so on and so on. A very specific scene from Spike Lee's School Daze comes to mind, and of course im gonna use my handy dandy youtube to show it to you. Enjoy!

im so learning this dance...o im serious. THEY BETTA DANCE..enough of the performance major tangent...i don't know if im tired of being that girl who covers her hair because its raining, or sits on the side of the pool because I just got a fresh perm, or hold back in rehearsal because im not tryna sweat it out...hmmm...there is more to life than hair...but then again hair is life...think about it

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