Tuesday, May 20, 2008

beyond the cotton field & new amerykah

So apparently Queenie is still undergoing issues with negros (i will be nice) commenting. You CLEARLY hit up the blog because I can see it on my stats...so take the extra mili-second in your lazy computer/television based life to comment...geeez...u know its all in love.

This past Sunday I had the glorious oppertunity to see Erykah BAdu perform...which left me inspired like shit...heres the result--u be the judge

and dennis i got u

beyond the cotton field
by me...

" i see the light, the realization of the fight and the actual consideration of what is true and what is false..i can c the city in the distance"-kimberly exum, technicolor dreams

i quote myself because i aim to b brillant
i couldnt tell u if this was the beginning of my peace
because i began back in '88
and it was then-when my eyes began to open
-and my ears first heard the truth and lie
---rub the sleep out; pull the wax out
i got hella Q-tips
to clean away negative energy so i wont let my dreams slip
just tryna get my cake up
so i can board this spaceship
spittin so much truths and knowledge
that i got nighas doin backflips
dont care about ur rocks and ur dumb ass benz whip
cuz my city will b built based on the words that my lips spit
leavin bitches speechless
cuz my pen leaks golden ink-wells of philosophy
and sometimes gossip
(& then we breathe...)
sighing to the most high
singing just to get by
so we get high
and we puff lye
so we dont believe lies
cut the trees down and put em to good use
aids against the struggle
and the abuse and the disease
and the plagues and the global warming
alarm is ringing--its a universal warning//
& u wander in a daze through a maze
of confusion
of greenery that was built to serve as an illusion
to keep u from becomming a god, not the worshiping kind--a state of mind
and when u fnd yourself finally sittin pretty there in the heavenlies
they strategically tear the wall down brick by brick stone by stone--
til there is only a fragment--not demolished but a fragment--
"when niggas turn into gods walls come tumbling____"-badu
yeyo yeyo yeyo
mother mother mother
i cry out to the earth
craddling the dirt in between my fingers as i lay open to what is to come
she dismisses the bad things that i have done
the cotton that i settled to pick2 make otha folk rich..
her & i become one
as i advance
no one knows who i am but me
i am keiths daughter>discovering that the cerebellum is hereditary via mah daddys seed> even though mama raised me
these are mah truths
what r urs?
continuous jam sessions
thinking beyond the cotton field
(and we breathe...)

humdi lila allah jehova
yaweh dios ma'ad jah
rastafara fya
dance sex music hip hop
only the telephone can make me sleep
when it calls me home

yal dont feel me though

the song she didnt sing all the way...

some more food for ur soul

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