Friday, May 23, 2008

oldies but goodies

some ad company in some latin country decided this would be a good ad...and i agree!

in direct quotation: REEFER MADNESS

"...don't let reefer kick your kiester!"- Reefer Madness, the musical (yes there is an entire MUSICAL about marahuana, you know they used to spell it with an "H"?)

ps...the musical is based off of this 1936 film appropriately entitled "REEFER MADNESS", it, its reefer history

This Could Happen To You...and You...and You Tewww

Imagine being a imagine not being a imagine being prego but not knowing your imagine that you have a mummy in your tummy...ITS POSSIBLE. This 65 year old woman went to the doctors complaining about an oversized lump in her abdomen that she had been feeling for the last 25 years...(mad long). So when she went, the doctors told her that the baby had basically floated out of her uterus and mummified itself...hmmmm? And where did this happen? India of course! baby india pictured below

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