Monday, June 2, 2008

Eye Candy of the Week: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is not only hunky and handsome (hehe), but he is also one of the greatest actors of our time. From Edward Scissor Hands to Willy Wanka, this guy can work the big screen. Clean cut or scruffy, Johnny Depp is a world-wide sex symbol. My favorite character of Johnny's is of course Jack Sparrow. Keep doin ya thing Mr. Depp (damn sexy...geez!)

- Doe Chee$e

YSL dies at 71

mourning the death of a great designer...we say goodbye to YSL, he reshaped the House of Dior (enough with the Today show-esque tribute!)

YSL was bad ass, he created a womans pants suit, very, very, very innovative for the era he was working in, and even sued Ralph La.uren for copying him..He hung out with Warhol, the Jaggers, Catherine Deneuve...the list continues..He was and continues to be one of the most talented designers who ever gave a model reason to walk...KUDOs to you Yves! Give the angels some bad ass practical robes!

read about it right here

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