Monday, July 14, 2008

Summa of '88

I gotta hit you up with the new G-Five Clive mixtape...its entitled "Summa of 88"...shout outs to Queenie V are included, so give it a listen. My favorite track is "Nun Like Dis"-and it's not just because my name is in it. Point blank Clive needs to get signed, so if you know someone who knows someone whose baby moms brother knows homeboy from round the way who knows someone..holla at me! (and im not just saying that, he's good shit...CLICK THE PICTURE & download this!!!


01. Do My Thang (Intro)
02. Summa of 88
03. Wat You Want?!?!
04. Nun Like Dis ft. Arafat Yates
05. Ooh Ahh
06. Tweeters 'n Cones ft. Arafat Yates & Scoopay
07. DateLine: 1988 (PSA)
08. Top of Da Globe ft. 4th Letter
09. House for Love (Interlude)
10. Este Casa ft. J-Da Rula
11. Blew Berry Sky
12. Clientele Kidz 1.0 ft. J-Da Rula
13. Channel 88 (Skit)
14. Cinderellas (88 Slippers Remix) ft. Lord Fuego
15. Love Mite
16. Kick It 'n Shit ft. Miss Jillz
17. Yall Kno Da Deal ft. DJ Vic Mase & D-Hawk
18. Soopa PHunk
19. All Street Meters ft. J-Da Rula
20. Cocaine, Scarface
21. Murakami Baby (Outro)


Arafat Yates: Track 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20
Fundamental: Track 2, 5
Mickey Bizz: Track 11
Choc: Track 1, 7, 16
Sinima: Track 3

smoke a l to this...

So i have become obsessed with N.E.R.D..and I was so anti at first, but I love them so much, like the entire shit is fiyah. Hot fiyah! Get on it sons and daughters....So today's discussion is about renewing yourself. Finding out exactly who you are. I feel as though it is an ongoing journey. Despite my outer appearance, the words that come out of my mouth, the poetry that I write...i still don't have a complete and total true vision of myself quite yet. Like my painting is almost complete, but I still gotta fill in the colors-that type of thing, ya dig? So I started out with the underwear thing, I figured that feeling beautiful underneath your clothes was a positive step in figuring out the beauty within (like the Dove commercials lol). I found myself prancing around my house in panties and a strapless, dancing to N.E.R.D of course, I felt uniquely beautiful, like only I could offer what Kimmie E offers to this world. Its like my drawls created this inside understanding, like the leopard print was speaking to my soul...i won't even lie it gave me hella new confidence, like true confidence, not the boxed type that rubs off as "bitch", but the confidence where your like "damn i wanna know that girl..." and then i smoked trees in my big comfy armchair..hell yea...inner beauty is the shit

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