Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Belated to QUEENIE V!

Lets take a look back into the Queenie archives shall we?

on July 12, 2007 we wrote our first entry entitled "this should be your new blog bible..." awwww how we've grown, and how lost we were...searching for identity in this big world wibe web, constantly begging for comments (and we still are), trying to find a way to communicatehey guys, we missed our birthday (how could you let us forget?!?!?!?!) Queenie Valentine was officially created on July 12, 2007....and we completely dismissed the existence of our first birthday! I guess we got so wrapped up in writing shit, we forgot to celebrate ourselves...and I didn't even write anything on that day..(sigh) our vision to the time flies, when your having fun!

don't you just love us..

i would like to give a shout out to dheathjr (aka dennis)for being there for our entire long long long year as well as those of you who remain anonymous because of your non-commenting.
also Radio Rose and Around the Way Girls...they put us on their amazing blog reel and Rose def. helped me out...on the big ups to them
o shit i forgot g5-clive, arafat yates, and all of their peoples, for making the interviews hot and for giving us a chance...and of course all you people out there who we don't know, but read us all the same! we've had a total of almost 9,000 people visit our site...and we never thought we would get 10...we thank you all for giving us an average of about 200 readers per week...we've got a long way to go and hopefully you and everyone else in the universe will be there to support us!

and we can't forget the ORIGINAL queenie valentine layout can we?....

SEND US AN E-CARD...or better yet some

o and we met lupe...yay us...ok goodbye and thanks to alllll

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