Friday, January 9, 2009

Life Lessons from Samantha Jones: I

It's been a little bit of a "while", so i figure i will grace you with my o so fabulous presence lol. i've been thinking a lot lately about life and love...of course every girl thinks about love every so often right? right. However, there is a and SEX. yes! that 3 letter word. To do or not to do, that is the question!!! Sex and the City is the birthplace of one of the most intriguing characters in television history (and I'm not talking about Carrie Bradshaw), Samantha Jones is one of the most powerful women I have ever seen on television. She obtains this power through her potently sweet sexuality. I've always questioned her balance of sex and self? What sustains her? How can a woman feel so sexually free in a society that damns her free reign over her own vagina? Girls love sex just as much as guys do, but why is it in this world that a woman is condemned for pursuing her desire of limitless pleasure and a man is left to do as he pleases? In Samantha's case she entertained this lustful desire with 42 men over the course of the 6 season run. Let's not forget all the men she probably had in college...this woman "got around", but there was something within her that made her classy and sophisticated without being labeled a ho (at least not in my mind). A man could aproach Samantha in a bar knowing, her background and still wanted to wife her (was that just because it was tv OR was it because they wanted great sex for an eternity lol). What is this quality that set Samantha Jones apart from Jill Schmoe who has 22 bodies? Is it her money, her prestige, her independence, flawless style, large breasts? Probably yes, HOWEVER she exudes gamma rays of confidence and swagger (im a fan of that word, guilty! lol). Its all about how you carry yourself ladies. If you don't let it phase you, then it won't phase a guy, its how you maintain control over your own excursions. Trust me when I say confidence can carry you miles and miles down the road of lust and you may even be able to make a right turn onto the pathway of love. So ladies I encourage you to live life, love both in and out your im not saying that you should go fuck the next brotha you see on impulse, but I am saying do not let society effect your decisions to lay in a bed, or to stay out of one, to each his own, dig? Keep your confidence up and your swagger right and you should be good to go. Above all respect, guard, and take care of your temple in your own special way, again to each his own, dig? Comfort within sexuality is one of the key elements in being a human and ladies should not have to neglect that part of themselves based on a falsely produced double standard. so love life and let life live, be free in your own skin.


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