Saturday, April 11, 2009

Umm Can Some One Please Explain???

The Originator- Alice Dellal
British super model

The Fabulous Kesh
She has a heart tattoo on her shaved side

And now Cassie has done it

So is this a new trend in fashion to shave half of your head and leave the other half long?
-Doe Chee$e


Jenny B. said...

like i mean its dope when the right chick does it.. but thats with anything. but now-a-days people are doing this for all the wrong reasons.
reaching to be different cause they're own inner self doesn't stand out like someone who has it naturally.

i cant stand Cassie on more then one level.
Wasn't she trying to look like Aaliyah not to long ago?? Now she throws on some skulls,does a punk rocker pose, gets bold [cause your manager told her you to] and POW! now your cool? i think not.

Kesh on the other hand [if you've been following that chick] by first sight we all know shes clearly crazy.. so that didnt surprise me when she cut her hair off..

as far as the 2000's go. I think Kelis rocked the shit out of her shaved side, and did it the best. But ive seen some chicks around LA who had it on point. these other bitches tho.. sooooo 2000 and late.


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