Monday, February 16, 2009

kaboom, guess who stepped up in the room!

So summer is approaching very fast and spring is damn near here. Thankfully I will be going to Miami with the ladies of L Phi L.. Leigh Phi Lombardy...its where we live and shit lol. So while I'm thinking about how great ima look in a bikini, M1 Platoon's "wife the rolla" comes on. Hell yes! Now I love love LOVe this song and I don't know why. It's not even the best song on the mixtape, but i jus fucks with it mad hard. Too hard sometimes...i like play it over and over again. Don't call me a groupie, IMA FAN! Anyway, the song has me thinking about my summer playlist. I compiled a little list for ya'll avid queenie readers.

spring forward into summa

indie mixtape
"wife the rolla"-M1 Platoon
"fabrics"- M1 Platoon
"ice cream"- N.E.R.D
"misunderstood"- trey songz
"pussy money weed"-wayne
"whenever"-kid cudi
"day n night"- kid cud...wait scratch that, that song feels like i should be wearing a lot of fur lol
"sex ed"- g5 clive

tha old skool
"black coffee"- sarah vaughan
"never can say goodbye"-jackson 5
"people make the world go round"- the stylistics
"around the way girl"- ladies love cool james (and i still do)

black protest
the entire nina simone protest album
"strange fruit"- billie holiday
"my black people"- g5 clive
"black maybe"- common
"mystery of iniquity"- lauryn hill
"black girl lost"- nas
all of new amerykah
throw someones concept album on it and u good lol

that r and b shit
"diva"- beyonce
t pain t pain t pain t pain
chris brown...the first album
"braid my hair"- mario
"take it from here"- justin timberlake
"i wanna be loved"- eric benet
"tell me"- groove theory
"good morning"- john legend
"mo better"- raheem devaughan
"you are everything"- mary j
and the whole what's the 411 album..yes!
anything tony toni tone

hip hop...tha new school
"much more"- lupe fiasco
"say hello"- jay z
"anti"- n.e.r.d (does this count?)
the college dropout and late registration
"sex 4 suga"- common
"swagga interntational" pharrell
anything pharrell all feels like its hot outside lol

brooklyn baby...and them otha burrows
"queen bitch"- lil kim (this like one of my favorite songs of all time)
"can i live"- jay z
"regrets"- jay z
and i gotta put cashmere thoughts on here
"mvp"- big l...he said he was a poonanny
"warning"- biggie biggie
"life's a bitch"- nas
anybody from brooklyn will do you right
i recommend dusting off that blueprint, black album, and hard core for the summa
stick wit reasonable doubt and illmatic for the spring

"a shade of blue"- incognito

ok i have fill in my blanks for me...appreciate it much

queenie valentine

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