Tuesday, March 3, 2009

google me baby

i forgot to put this up, but it made me smile...a few things made me smile yesterday, but this was one of them. lol. ; )

speaking of girl crushes

I have one on Keri Hilson. I just like looking at her. She's so pretty. I can give props where props are due. Oh and her music isn't to bad either. To make me like her even more, on the "Turnin Me On" remix she spits that "fire", or maybe it's like a "flame"...she spits a flame along with T-Pain and Weezy F (haven't we heard enough of them???), but the song is good shit...just look at her, she's like the black barbie I couldn't find as a child. awwwwww, so cute lol

& she gay

so i was on sandrarose.com (check that out) and i found out that Amber Rose, that hot jank we was talking about a few days back was previously gay and her ex girlfriend (pictured below) is named Tre or Tiffany. Damn homie....damn lol. i still got a serious female 2 female crush on her, don't label me. men have them all the time...u know those ones always quotin' wayne and talkin bout bitties, swag, and weed, they all have man crushes, just ask them who they look up to...i assure you its a hip hop man crush lol 


On February 11, 2009 M.I.A. welcomed her brand new baby boy....here is a pic for ya. No name has been released....future creative mind. Congrats miss!
-Doe Chee$e

some favs from family guy

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