Friday, January 1, 2010


For some odd reason unknown to me, people like Queenie Valentine..and therefore they like us, Kimmie E and Doe Cheese-ay (lol). Juma is one of those odd strokes of like who reached out to Queenie V and told us that they liked us. I got a nice little email, with a nice little link, that directed me to a nice little website with a huge potential...i wud say a guaraunteed future, I hate the word potential..yuk. Anywho JUMA is an up and coming team of designers, Alia and Jamil (sister and brother, cute right?) whose work is nothing short of flawless. The JUMA brand targets both female and male consumers and is focused on ready-to-wear clothing and sportswear. Based in Canada, JUMA aims to expand their line through collaborations with big fashion names such as Elle Canada and L'Oreal. JUMA is sold in several boutiques in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, and can also be purchased online at (Would have put up pictures, but they got the copywright on lock)


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