Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my damn blog

Solange Knowles, one of my favorite celebs to follow on twitter ( @solangeknowles) , has just recently began a blog appropriately titled, "My Damn Blog" (wish I would have thought of that, maybe i'll just rename Queenie V, "Our Muhfuckin Shit"..jk.jk.) The blog is more of a picture reel, but since I find Solange Knowles to be breathtaking and her cronies to be interesting, I don't mind gazing into the computer screen for a little entertainment. It amazes me how she was able to completely walk away from the wholesome all-American Knowles image and become this eccentric, print wearing, sangin', strutin, bald headed monster (all of these are meant in GOOd context). Being yourself can always get you one good thing--a fan named Kimmie E! (yay) I encourage you to check it out!


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