Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why college is stupid

As I sit here in my university's dining hall I begin to think about all
the bullshit that annoys me on campus. I know, I know, I know I
shouldn't complain...but lets just look at this as a list, a list that
"points out" fuckery and the foolishness. Lets begin (I'll try to make
this as universal as possible)

1. How everyone looks like its twin day. Personal style...hello! Get
2. Large people with large meals and a diet soda
3. Fraternity and sorority landyards...gahhhh. Put it away!
4. People who walk slow. Invest in a hoverround
5. Track that looks like my cat shit on it, ate it, spat it out, and
then my dog came and glued it on with his tongue
6. People carrying empty backpacks. Why are you here?
7. Old ass full time students that have been old and full time since
I've been here (2006)
8. People who don't look both ways. They just cross the street. Don't
you know I will hit you?!!
9. its 20 degrees and you have on a button up? Put a damn coat on!
10. Loud ass girls. Did they send out a mass email that loud
obnoxiousness was attractive? Did I miss that email?

...that feels better. Have a good rest of the day folks...I'm off to bio
lab! Ugh #FTW I guess?


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