Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Epidemic

First it was the shaving a section of your hair off trend.
And now it is leggings.

OK so let me break this down...
Leggings are one of the most comfortable pieces of apparel in a woman's closet....
I mean on a rainy cold day I will through them bad boys on wit some Uggs and keep it moving to my next class.
That being said, a woman may over do it with the leggings trend due to the shear comfort of them.
I have no problem with leggings.....
But when they become a main stay in your wardrobe or what I like to call a "Staple Piece" you have taken the trend TOO FAR!
If you wear leggings everyday.....you have gone too far
If leggings are the first thing you pull from your closet when you are trying to get your grown and sexy on...you have gone too far
If your idea of a hot club outfit is leggings and a corset...you have gone too far
If your best outfit has leggings in it.....I repeat
Not only is it a hot mess for you to wear them everyday and to every event....it is also a health hazard!
Ladies you know what I mean.....three words....FISH AND CHIPS!!!
That ish ain't cute!
So the next time you hit the club put the leggings down and pick up a dress.
That is all....
- Doe Chee$e


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