Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music News

Rihanna has announced that she will soon be kicking off her North American tour,
The Last Girls On Earth......and unfortunately the upcoming tour will be featuring trash...Nicki Minaj and emerging Pop star Ke$ha...blah blah blah haha
Ummm miss me with this tour......NEXT!

Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later has been pushed back.
The highly anticipated album will drop June15 instead of May 25.


Jenny B. said...

rhianna is pure wackness. i cant believe energy is still on her side.
who in the hell is that kesha chick? if thats the chick i think it is. she needs to stop!!! she jacked uffie's style in a major way and these damn zombies are following it. that nicki chick does what again??..
and this drake dude. he has nothing to say and is so unappealing. he's a black jew that says nigga. funny how the world works.

i feel privileged to not be apart of this fan base.

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