Saturday, January 9, 2010


June Ambrose


Victoria Beckham


Earlier I say Kimmie E tweet that its so cold she needs a fur.....

I think her and I are connected in some weird because last night I was thinking the same.

Anywho, furs are pure luxury at the expenses of you wallet and an animals life,

but chic none the less.

early morning blogging is 4 bitches

Its early as hell and I'm tired as all get out, but I jus read a whole
slew of old queenie posts, and we are very interesting. Its like the
blog has a voice, like I can hear that voice and it sounds like
money...ok it sounds like the clink of nickels and dimes, but at least
its got a little ring to it!

Blogging is very hard. Its like a relationship. Sometimes I'm wifin the
joint sometimes I'm beatin' the joint and sometimes the joint be textin
me all kinds of recklessness because I neglect her, but in the end she's
still my MAIN..feel me? Gotta keep her satisfied. Lol. We go back with
Queenie V to summer 2007, and that's pretty dope. That technically means
we were here before your blog and yours...and yours...and yours way in
the back. Its a shame we never really popped off, but anythings possible
and we can still blow up lol. Look at it like this, Queenie is always
gonna be here to keep it 100 with you. Through thick and thin, Queenie
is and will always be the h.b.I.c and we got the posts to prove it. So
when you make it and when we make it you can look back and say "Damn!
Queenie put me on to them shoes" or "Damn! Queenie interviewed me when
no one gave a flute", or even, "Damn them Queenie V bishes is fine as
hell!" Whatever it is just make sure you remember us, because we'll
always remember you.

Peaces & Blessings
Goodmoring...or shud I say Goodnight 'cuz I'm takin' my black ass to

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