Monday, January 11, 2010


So I was telling the lady followers of Queenie about the wonderful luxury of fur last week.

Well ladies I am sorry to inform that fur can also go wrong hahaha


Shanell of Young Money you look a hot ass mess....

Leather, glitter, and were you thinking

Kelis you are my Bisssshhh,

but damn homie the boots, liquid leggings, fur hat with the matching fur jacket!

And Lil Kim....tisk tisk tisk

But I mean what else can we expect...smh

formatting issues

my bad for the wack ass format. i blog from my phone, which is an out of date (sare i even say it) sidekick...ugh. so my bad

Barbie Gaga???

gaga oooh lala
Haha this is funny....
Whoever did this is GAGA obsessed and had alot of time on their hands


Fisker Karma

Guacamole Hell

Somehow while walking to Wal-Mart I tripped and knocked my pretty little head on the figurative pavement. I thought I could make guacamole, but who even knew avocados didn't come ripe? (Blonde moment...I know) I was smashing that thing with a damn fork for like 20 minutes and I failed! I think it was the most annoying thing that's happened to me lately. My roomie was telling me about her life and I screamed out "I don't care!" Rude right? It was the guacamole! The guac made me do it! Enough about guac. Lets talk real...

I am shallow. I am shallow. I am shallow. Lets say it one more time. I am shallow. I think I can bet my empty bank account that half of you are like "na uh!", but here me out. Most people are shallow simply because we have superficial standards. How do I know this? Twitter my dear
friends, yes Twitter!

Who didn't participate in the #wecantdate TT? If you didn't you're probably a lame who doesn't follow the crowd, but whatever lol. Almost all of the people tweeting based their #wecantdate off of fashion, beauty, and sexist bullshit. How do you expect to find anyone to date your ass if they have to have on rocks everyday, no make up (but look as bad as a chick who beat her face), and has less than 3-5 bodies on her roster? And ladies how are you going to find this perfect dude, dressed in the latest polo, going to school full time with hella money, with the best phone, car, and is not a sexist man bitch? (Kim talk to yourself lol) Just tell me who they are by direct messaging me the names and addresses of these individuals so Mr. Perfect can be strategically stalked and Miss Perfect can be promptly killed! What happened to intelligence? Humanitarianism? Faith? Inner beauty?!?! We all seemed to forget that people are not polos or fast cars! Ladies! Gentlemen! Just know that this is a phase that you will most likely grow out of when you learn that Miss Perfect has a brain of air and Mr. Perfect smokes weed for a living. Your husband or wife will probably not have 3-5 bodies or be dressed to the nines 24/7. Its ok to appreciate nice things, but be aware that if you've been dating Mr. Perfects for years and they haven't worked out, that you need to lower your bar for material standards and up the anty of the spirit. Mr and Miss Right live a few streets over from Mr and Miss Perfect, its a shame you thought they were related.

Its ok to be shallow for a few years. Just be aware that if you're being shallow, its what you're going to attract

Peace & Blessings fam

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