Monday, January 18, 2010

I've been stylin on em my whole life, I think I deserve an off day

or maybe even a whole year off. Ever since about age 5 my life has
revolved around two main ideas: being pretty and being smart. I don't
know if it was looking at the Barbies or knowing how to read since 3,
but beauty and intellect have always been a major concern of mine. Not
being pretty enough, not being smart enough. Not being enough. Period.
Its crazy how your life is ran by the ideas formed by the child you once
were, isn't it? Up until now I think I've given both of my ideal traits
a nice poke in the side, making sure my hair was done, wearing nice
clothes, reading books, going to class etc etc, but now I've grown tired
of the pressure to live up to my own "standard". Once you just learn how
to relax and be yourself you realize that these things you strive to be
you already are and you have always been. College has opened my eyes
into realizing that I wanted to be smart and pretty because that's what
society wants me to be. I want to make decisions because I WANT to make
them not because "a pretty girl wouldn't do that, or a smart girl
couldn't do this." My feminity is now my freedom. It has no boundaries
and cannot be boxed into correctness or incorrectness, 'cuz the "other
people" will always think whatever they want to think. Don't waste
energy and don't waste time. No need to keep tryna "style" on 'em, you
do it anyway.

Stop trying so hard and just BE

Book of Eli

The Book of Eli was an excellent movie.....
It's deep and instills renewed faith.
And of course Denzel Washington delivers a great performance.
I suggest you go see it.

Damn Gina....

Halle Berry

Stacey Dash- by the way she is 43
Oprah is right "Black Don't Crack."
These women are over 40 and flawless.

A Black Man

A great man.....
A great leader.....
A man about peace and equality.....
A black man.....
A man that changed the world....
A man that died for his cause...
A black man
An awesome father.....
A grand dreamer.....
A black man....
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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