Friday, January 29, 2010

Shoe Porn



Christian Louboutin

Louis Vuitton

Shoe addiction at its finest....

Can't Touch This

I'm loving this jet setting couple.....
Who in the game is eff'n with Kanye and Amber at the moment???
Exactly lol

And here is what Amber Rose recently told Hello Beautiful in an interview:

"I want to change the face of modeling. I want young girls growing up to know that they can actually eat something, and be beautiful and be a model.”

“We could have the garbage truck driver who treats us good and cooks, and really just fall in love with him. Or we can have the guy with millions of dollars, and he’s a f*cking dick. I think women want a man with money, but sometimes they get one and realize he’s just a man with money. ”

“As of right now, I don’t believe in marriage. I was raised by a single mother, so I don’t feel I need to be married to be happy and live my life.”

“They label me a bisexual freak stripper that f*cks Kanye on a daily basis. ”

“I’m extremely open with my sexuality. I can be in love with a woman, I can be in love with a man. I’m not into bestiality, but as far as humans go, I definitely find beauty in everybody”


If this magazine is real.....this is pure recklessness
Juicy, is the new black entertainment weekly tabloid.....
“Harris Publications, the publishers of XXL magazine, are proud to announce the launch of Juicy magazine, the first celebrity and lifestyle magazine for African-American women to sit on national newsstands alongside People, US Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style and OK.”
So I guess it is real....o goodness

What The Deuce???

So Kelis strikes again.....
I am not sure what the hell this hodgepodge of fuckery is

But I'm going to need her to get it together....

I am being mean because Kelis use to be my idol...

Although this is a hot mess...i commend her for being different, but you are not Lady Gaga!!!!

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